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Users — MongoDB Manual
You can add a user with the db.createUser () method using mongosh. The first user you create must have privileges to create other users. The userAdmin or userAdminAnyDatabase role both confer the privilege to create other users. Tip You can grant a user privileges by assinging roles to the user when you create the user.

MongoDB Documentation
MongoDB Documentation

MongoDB Users | MongoDB user Operations and Roles with …
Jun 22, 2020 · To create a user in MongoDB, we need to use the admin database first and then create a user name as user_test. 2. Create User to Run Mongostat Command In the below example, we have to create a role name as user_test1, which is used to provide the privileges that run only a command name as mongostat. Example: use admin db.createRole ( {

How to Create User & add Role in MongoDB – Guru99
Feb 19, 2022 · The output shows that a user called “Guru99” was created and that user has privileges over all the databases in MongoDB. MongoDB Create User for Single Database To create a user who will manage a single database, we can use the same command as mentioned above but we need to use the “userAdmin” option only.

MongoDB Authentication | MongoDB
MongoDB allows us to create new user roles for particular databases if we think that the existing built-in roles to control access to a MongoDB system do not describe the set of desired privileges. In addition, you can also create Superuser roles that provide either direct or indirect system-wide superuser access.

Create user and add role in MongoDB – GeeksforGeeks
How to Create An Administrative user?How to Create A Normal User Without Any Roles?How to Create A User with Some Specifying Roles?How to Create A User For A Single Database?How to Create A User with Authentication Restrictions?How to Drop A user?
In MongoDB, you can create an administrative user using the createUser() method. In this method, we can create the name, password, and roles of an administrative user. Let us discuss this concept with the help of an example: Example: In this example, we are going to create an administrative user in the ad…

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How to list all users in the Mongo shell? – Tutorialspoint
Mar 29, 2019 · In order to list all users in the Mongo shell, use the getUsers () method or show command. The syntax is as follows −. Case 2 − Using show command. The syntax is as follows −. Let us implement both the syntaxes in order to list all users in the Mongo shell. Case 1 − The first query is as follows −.

community.mongodb.mongodb_user – Adds or removes a user ……/mongodb_user_module.html
community.mongodb.mongodb_user – Adds or removes a user from a MongoDB database Note This plugin is part of the community.mongodb collection (version 1.3.2). You might already have this collection installed if you are using the ansible package. It is not included in ansible-core .

authentication – MongoDB "root" user – Stack Overflow
Nov 20, 2013 · While out of the box, MongoDb has no authentication, you can create the equivalent of a root/superuser by using the "any" roles to a specific user to the admin database.. Something like this: