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If you have forgotten your password and have previously logged into your NETStudy 2.0 user account, please click on the "Forgot Password" link above. For other NETStudy 2.0 questions and technical assistance, please refer to the NETStudy 2.0 User Manual, Quick Start Guide, and YouTube training videos.

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New Providers: Do not use this background study site if you are in the process of establishing a NetStudy 2.0 account through the NETStudy 2.0 Onboarding process. Use of your email address on this site will stop your onboarding. Information Required: Enter your correct information and current name and date of birth as it appears on your legal identification.

NETStudy – Login
Version: 1.2.0. Login: Facility ID: User ID: Password: NOTICE TO AUTHORIZED USERS: This system is the property of the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). Use of this system without authority from DHS, or in excess of authority, may result in disciplinary action, civil and criminal sanctions and/or other appropriate action.

NetStudy Administration
Please enter your username and password. Unauthorized access is prohibited. Forgot Your Password? Copyright © 2022 Net Study LLC All Rights Reserved. All Rights …
Add the study subject’s first and last name exactly as it appears on their Acceptable Form of Identification (see Attachment A in the NETStudy 2.0 User Manual). NETStudy 2.0 allows 25 characters for both the first and last name. This count includes spaces and hyphens. The study subject’s middle name is entered on a later screen.

NETStudy 2.0 FAQs / Minnesota Department of Human Services
Click Login. The system will then prompt you to change your password. The Password must contain: 8-16 characters, one or more uppercase letters, one or more lowercase letters, one or more numbers, and one or more special characters. You will then be logged into the NETStudy 2.0 Home Screen.