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Novell WebAccess
Use the basic interface More Information Remember my settings Help © Copyright 1993-2010 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.

Community Login Help – Novell
To log into the Certifications Community, you must first create a new Novell Login account with your certification credentials. Enter your contact information and complete a user profile. On the second page, enter your Novell Certification Identification Number and PIN under the CNE Net heading. Outdated Database Information

Logging In to the Network – Client for Open … – Novell…
Right-click , then click OES Login . Type your username and password, then click Advanced. Specify the tree, context, and server information for the server you want to connect to. You can type a DNS name or an IP address for the server. …

i-Login – Novell
Feb 01, 2002 · To access the i-Login.Net portal, Novell employees simply enter the correct URL: This request to access the portal first hits an L4 switch just inside Novell’s firewall. The L4 switch redirects this HTTP …

GroupWise – Novell
Micro Focus GroupWise. User Name. Password
12 Novell Login Scripts Guide … For example, if all users need access to the NetWare utilities in the same volume, put the search drive mapping to that volume in a single container login script rather than in every user login script.

Novell Doc: GroupWise 8 WebAccess Client User Guide ……/starting_webaccess.html
To close the basic interface, close all Web browsers and launch WebAccess again, making sure to deselect Use the basic interface. (Optional) If you use the same browser to log in to GroupWise WebAccess every time, select Remember My Settings to save your preferences. Click Login.

Starting GroupWise WebAccess – Novell…/starting_webaccess.html
Use your Web browser to go to the URL your administrator gives you, such as http://server/gw/webacc, or an IP address such as If you need to find your GroupWise administrator, ask the person who gave you your GroupWise user name and password. On the GroupWise WebAccess login page, enter your user name and password.

Starting GroupWise WebAccess –…
The basic interface has limited functionality and graphics. It is designed to perform the most basic tasks in GroupWise WebAccess. To close the basic interface, close all Web browsers and launch WebAccess again, then deselect Use the basic interface. For information on how to use the basic interface, see the GroupWise 18 WebAccess Basic Quick …