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Examples | Portal-Vue

#Dynamic sidebar content. By selectively rendering different <Portal> components that all send to the same <PortalTarget> (but not at the same time), we can replace the <PortalTarget>’s content on demand, e.g. to put something into a sidebar area from teh main component:

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Usage example | Portal-Vue

PortalVue 2.1.7. PortalVue. A Vue component to render your component’s template anywhere in the DOM. Get started.

Getting Started with Portal-Vue – Usage example

# What Is Portalvue?# Setup# Usage# Use Cases
allow you to render a component’s template(or a part of it) anywhere in the document even outside the part controlled by your Vue App!

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Portal – a new feature in Vue 3 – Vue.js Tutorials

Portals in Vue 3. Among many other features, Vue 3 will come with native support for portals in the form of a Portal component. The good news is that the Portal component is very simple! It has only one property – target and a default slot. The slot content will render in the DOM element, that is selected by the query selector passed to the …

PortalTarget | Portal-Vue – Usage example | Portal-Vue

PortalTarget | Portal-Vue PortalTarget This component is an outlet for any content that was sent by a <Portal> component. It renders received content and doesn’t do much else. Example usage <portal-target name="destination" /> 1 This is an abstract component which means it will not be visible in vue-devtools Props API multiple 1.2.0+

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MountingPortal | Portal-Vue – Usage example | Portal-Vue

#MountingPortal. This component extends the behaviour of a normal <Portal> by also mounting a <PortalTarget> to a DOM Element that the developer specifics with a selector string. (i.e. #target-id). It also makes sure to clean up and remove the <PortalTarget> when it’s being destroyed.. Apart from that, this component behaves like a normal <Portal> – but to make the previously …

GitHub – LinusBorg/vue-simple-portal: A simpler Portal …

What This IsHow This Lib Relates to Portal-VueInstallationUsage NotesProps
modals 2. drodowns 3. Alerts/notifications 4. Toasts

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GitHub – LinusBorg/portal-vue: A feature-rich Portal …

Sep 24, 2021 · A feature-rich Portal Plugin for Vue 2, for rendering DOM outside of a component, anywhere in your app or the entire document. – GitHub – LinusBorg/portal-vue: A feature-rich Portal Plugin for Vue 2, for rendering DOM outside of a component, anywhere in your app or the entire document.