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Synology Drive Client desktop application is the desktop utility that provides file syncing and personal computer backup service on multiple client computers to a centralized server, Synology Drive Server. Contents Before you start Starting Synology Drive Client Configuring your Sync Tasks Managing your Sync Tasks Syncing and managing your files

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Open Synology Drive in a new browser tab, and click the Account icon > Client > Download client. Go to Synology Download Center and download Synology Drive Client from the Desktop Utilities category. Before browsing files in Synology Drive on mobile devices, go to App Store or Google Play to download the Synology Drive app.

How to Setup Synology Drive Server and Drive Client | UNBLOG
Oct 04, 2021 · On the Windows the Synology Drive Client is up and running, click the +Create button to connect to Synology Drive Server. Choose Other Synology NAS and enter your domain name or QuickConnect ID followed by your user account and password.

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Each user can use Synology Drive from a web browser. Users can also sync and back up files using the Synology Drive Client desktop app. To use Synology Drive, you will have to install the Synology Drive Server package on your Synology NAS. Once installed, your NAS will become a productivity and collaboration powerhouse.

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Download Center. You can find the documents and files regarding the operating system, packages, desktop utilities and so on for your Synology product to enjoy the latest and versatile features. Please select the product category and the corresponding model you use. Select product type NAS IP SAN Expansion Unit Storage Drives Surveillance …

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Mar 16, 2021 · To ensure synced client access after setting up QuickConnect: For DSM 7.0 and above: Go to Control Panel > External Access > QuickConnect, click Advanced Settings > Permission, and tick to enable Synology Drive Server. For DSM 6.2 and earlier: Go to Control Panel > QuickConnect > Advanced > Permission, and tick to enable Synology Drive Server.

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Synology Drive Server is a comprehensive solution for file storage, management, sharing, and synchronization. It is equipped with Synology Drive Admin Console for centralized management and monitoring, Synology Drive for file access via web portal, and Synology Drive ShareSync for synchronization across Synology NAS devices. Synology Drive Server – Add-on …

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Aug 05, 2021 · Synology Drive Client, the desktop utility of the DSM add-on package, Synology Drive Server, allows you to sync and share files owned by you or shared by others between a centralized Synology NAS and multiple client computers. All versions Version: 3.0.3-12689 (2022-01-11) Fixed Issues

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Jan 11, 2022 · Install Synology Drive desktop client for automatic backups and file syncing on your notebook or desktop. Drive for mobile provides quick access to your files from anywhere, at any time. Download client Create your own cloud today Join a community of over one million who have deployed Synology Drive at their homes or offices.

Client in DSM 6 incompatible with Drive server … – Synology
Nov 17, 2021 · Got an answer from Synology help desk. In a nutshell: DSM 7.0 cannot sync with DSM 6.x. DSM Drive Server is Version 3; client is Version 2. Incompatible